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Lunar Landing™

ThinkFun Inc.

Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $19.99

MSRP (USD): $14.99

Production Status: In Stores

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Early Feedback

Like low-gravity moon movement, the pawns in this game don't stop until they bump into another pawn. They more horizontally or vertically - never diagonally - all the way to the spot beside another pawn. Your task is to create a path of explorer pawns to block and redirect the red shuttle pawn until it 'lands' on the center peg. Knowing the need for a stopping point, narrows down the range of possible moves, which can make the task a little easier. But there's still plenty of challenge to make this a fun and captivating way to exercise a few brain cells. A re-released version of the original Lunar Lockout puzzle (©2000).




I really like the little box it comes in and everything is inside so I can't lose any pieces.



I like the idea of the game - it's a good idea and it's fun. There are lots of different levels so you don't get bored. This is different than any other puzzle toys I have played with. I like how you can easily bring it anywhere - it's not too big and everything fits in the box. I like that the puzzles are quick to setup and don't take too long to figure out. I showed this game to my friends and they thought it was a cool game. It was easy to learn how to play the puzzle.



I like everything about this toy. I like the robots - I like to play pretend with the robots and my favorite robot is the green robot. I like that you have little storage spots for the robots. I wish I could keep this toy since the robots are so cute. I thought the puzzles were a good level for me and the puzzles are different then other puzzles that we have done before. I like that the robots work together to rescue the astronaut but my least favorite piece is the astronaut. I like to pretend that the robots that are not included in a specific puzzle are sad. If I get stuck then I like that you can look at the back for the answer. I can follow the steps in the answer easily. I think this would be a good puzzle to play with in the car since everything stores in the box. Each puzzle was fast and easy to setup. There was nothing I didn't like about this toy.



I like Lunar Landing because you need skill to get the Earthling into the middle of the board which has the red mark. It's fun to play and easy to learn and very challenging.


Orietta M.

My son (10) is LOVING this toy!! The first time putting this toy to the test my son and I spent 45 minutes playing and we could not put it away. The challenges kept coming and we were hooked. He has not stopped playing and challenges everyone in the house if they can find a way to get the martian to the center. The rules are simple, but the challenge is there. I like it because it is a tactile game. It is similar to a game on the computer - flow free - but I find this one is more interesting because you can talk to your partner and discuss the moves before doing it. More interactive. I like how it is compact and I can carry it around easily. We have played in the different rooms in our house and it is a light weight and doesn't break easily. It is very sturdy and the pieces fit in the spots easily. The cards are sturdy as well. Very easy for my 10 year old to work on and put it away in an organized fashion. The instructions were easy for me and my son to understand - he was able to do it without me explaining it to him. Challenging and interesting, it can be played individually or with a partner

Joyce S.

A fun brain teaser, that is good for many different levels of players. Uses a fun way of moving around the board and has enough of a range of difficulty.

Allison M.

This was a great toy. The puzzle idea is different then any other puzzle toys we have played with. I love the handy storage that fits all the robots in their spots along with the cards and instructions. Both kids 7 and 10, as well as both adults in the house, really liked the puzzles. The rules were easy to learn, the puzzles were easy to setup and the puzzles didn't take too long to try and solve. The progression in level of difficulty was good and there were lots of cards. Linking the game to saving an astronaut was great and my daughter loved that the robots were good robots that would save people. My daughter said she will be very sad when the toy is returned. Overall - this is a great original puzzle game with great pieces and very handy storage that makes the game highly portable. The learning aspect promotes logic and strategic thinking. I was very happy that we had a chance to test this toy.

Rebecca Y.

My boys (M11, M9) are really enjoying the challenge of this brain-teaser. They learned how to play quickly and even taught other family members who came over. They are anxious to get through the challenge cards. It's a similar concept to Rush Hour, with a slightly different concept. Thy've got through most of the challenge cards now. It's a simple concept and after the first few challenges, they were able to race through a lot of the cards. I like that it is all enclosed in a small board, with the pieces and cards all stored within. The pieces sit well on the game board as well as in the storage area, so it's easy to put away. I love that they can just grab this and start playing with little setup and cleanup.


Manufacturer Description

Zero Gravity Logic Game. You must use your five loyal helper-bots to find a way back to the ship’s emergency entry port – or you’ll be stranded in space forever! Created by the inventors of Rush Hour, Lunar Landing is one of the greatest logic puzzles of all time. Originally released in 2000 under the title Lunar Lockout, this new version is part of ThinkFun’s All Star Logic Games collection.


  • 40 Challenge Cards and Solutions

  • 6 Explorers (1 Shuttle + 5 Helper Bots)

  • 1 Landing Grid

  • Instructions