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Klutz Sew Mini Animals


Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $28.99

MSRP (USD): $21.99

Production Status: In Stores

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Early Feedback

Our play testers absolutely loved Klutz's earlier Sew Mini Treats book (2016), and so far they're enjoying making these mini animals just as much. Great little sewing projects that are quick enough for kids to make without feeling overwhelmed by a huge project.




I love these cute little mini stuffies. I'm not supposed to get more stuffies but this kit is a sneaky way to get more. It's hard to see some of the small parts and mom had to help me a lot.



I like that there were lots of different options of animals to sew. The projects take about an hour or two to finish and then you can play with them. The instructions are helpful and easy to follow, but the needles that it came with were hard to use so we switched to using regular needles. It was an ok amount of work to get a finished mini animal. I like that the animals are small.



I like deciding what the animals are going to look like and deciding on their faces. The animals are really cute. I like the Penguin one the best. I like that the fox and raccoon can stand up on their own. The panda isn't as cute as the other animals. The animals are cute, and it's fun that I can make my own toys and then play with them. I can use them with my Sew Mini Treats. The toys stay together well and you can play with them without them breaking. I want to build houses for all of the animals. The animals are small enough that it is easier to make houses for them.


Lisa G.

Zahra (F9) began to sew these little friends but lost interest as it was taking a long time, and the process was difficult. She was motivated to try to get "more stuffies" but I think it was too hard for her attention level. The pictures of the animals in the front of the box are super cute and have a nice shape - our end product just looked sad compared to these perfect creatures starting back at us from the front of the box. There isn't anything pre- cut except the eyes and the pink cheeks - the book could be sold solo- it's just got felt, thread and a couple of dull needles. The instructions are simple and illustrations were helpful but the needle was a blunt tip for a safety. Everything is on such a small scale it would have been easier and just as cute to have the patterns doubled in size. The felt was difficult to poke through with a dull needle and the felt just got all fuzzy. Attempt one was a flop. Too much cutting felt, changing colours of thread for every body part and too long to make a meatball sized penguin wasn't worth it. My 9 year old didn't have the patience for this kit and frankly I wouldn't have if we weren't testing it- it took over an hour to make the first animal they recommended a "penguin" and the result was a bit shabby. She was beyond frustrated and left the activity attempt after About 20 minutes. We will attempt again with a sharper needle.

Allison M.

This is a fantastic craft. The animals are really cute, fun to make and don't take too long to finish. As soon as my daughter (7) saw this toy she was begging me to get it - she loved the Sew Mini Treats and when she saw this kit makes animals, she was very excited. My son (10) also liked the Mini Treats and he thought he would like the mini animals even more. My son (10) was able to make the Sew Mini Animals almost independently - I only helped with a few items. My daughter (7) needed more help but she still had parts that she could do independently as well. We have had this toy for more then a month, and my daughter plays frequently with the animals along with the mini treats. And just yesterday (even after a month) she wanted to make a new animal. The finished projects are a great size for playing pretend and building things for. And they are more durable then some other make your own stuffed animal kits. We also used the kit to make some other items not in the book. My daughter wanted some sleeping bags for her animals and we used the felt in the book to make a little sleeping bag with a stuffed pillow. The only thing I didn't like was the needles. The Sew Mini Treats (which we also made) came with real needles that were easy to use. The Sew Mini Animals came with needles with a dulled point. This made the needles safer, but very hard to use. We switched out to regular needles as we found the blunted end needles too hard to use. This toy teaches sewing in a fun way with a project that doesn't take too long to complete. The result is something cute and fun to play with.


Manufacturer Description

Stitch and stuff an assortment of fuzzy animals from felt! These mini plushies deliver full-sized fun, and everything you need to make up to 14 animals is included. Add extra accessories like hats, bows, and glasses to personalize your animals. We must admit, they rate pretty high on the look-what-I-made scale of satisfaction.


  • 48 page book of instructions and inspiration

  • 3 pages of paper patterns

  • 12 sheets of acrylic felt in 9 colors

  • 32 yds (29 m) of cotton embroidery floss in 8 colors

  • 15 sets (30 total) of precut felt eyes and cheeks

  • 2 embroidery needles

  • 1 oz (28 g) bag of polyfill stuffing