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Klutz Make Your Own Soap


Age: 6 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $28.99

MSRP (USD): $21.99

Production Status: In Stores

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Early Feedback

These melt-and-pour soaps are fun to make and fun to use - especially the soap you embed with small toys, which emerge the more you wash your hands. We particularly like the idea of embedding a plastic spider (or other creepy crawly) with legs that stick out further and further as the soap gets smaller, tickling your hands as you wash for dinner. We love that the book also explores a bit of soap science, including a few soap-based activities on topics like the surface tension of water.




Making the soap was really fun because it comes with stickers, you can use whatever colour you want and there are different shapes. There is glitter that you mix with the soap cubes and it turns into shiny soap.



I like that there are so many soap molds with different shapes and sizes to choose from. I also like all the different colours and that the soap makes a lot of bubbles. I like the cat because it comes with lots of different faces to put on it. I wish there were more soap squares to make more things.



It was easy to make, and the soap actually works! I see the white bubbles when I scrub.


Susan C.

A really fun art kit that creates actual useful items. My daughter (6) was fully engaged in the entire process. We enjoyed making this project together, as parent supervision is required. It was hard for her to split the soap cubes. And, as clearly indicated in the instructions, heating the cubes had to be done by an adult. Everything is included in the box and the book is attached, although that makes it hard to keep open as you are making the soap. The soap is ready to be popped out after 30 minutes, and more can be made. I really enjoyed making this beauty project with her. We had a great time. Although I am not a fan of glitter!! Once the supplies are finished the project will be over.

Christina B.

Lily (7) was so excited that she could actually make her own soap - that works. She made one soap the first day we had it - easy to follow the instructions and very easy to do. The pieces are easy to break apart, you can do it in the microwave for ease, and it cools/sets/dries really fast. And didn't make a big mess. The soap that hardened in the measuring cup was easy to wash out with hot water. Plus, it makes my kids want to wash their hands with the new, cool soap! Lily could easily do it all on her own - a parent needs to help with heating of the liquid, but that's it. She loved that it was quick, the molds are cute, and there was a lot of choice for colour. She can't wait to make more with sparkles in them or with a toy inside! The instructions explain how soap works and how it's made, which is good for curious learners. You can make about 10 little soaps with the kit.


Manufacturer Description

Make up to 10 colorful, sparkly, sudsy soaps with glitter, skin-safe stickers, and custom mold shapes. Projects include a cute fish-in-a-bag soap, galaxy stars, emoji cats, confetti soap, cupcakes, and multicolor peace signs. Sidebars contain fun facts about the chemistry of clean, with easy kitchen science experiments.


  • 36-page book of instructions & inspiration

  • 20 blocks or .55 lb (250 g) of clear soap base

  • Soap mold with 6 shapes

  • .07 fl oz (2 ml) coconut-papaya scent

  • 20 color tablets

  • .02 oz (.5 g) cosmetic grade glitter

  • 7 skin-safe soap stickers

  • Clear cellophane bag

  • Toy fish

  • Ribbon

  • Gift tag

  • Gift box

  • 2 paper boats