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K'Nex Big Ball Factory

K'NEX Industries, Inc.

Age: 12 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $343.59

MSRP (USD): $299.99

Production Status: In Stores

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Product Reviews

We're very happy to see this classic build back in the K'NEX lineup. Building this gigantic structure is just the beginning of fun - watching the balls cycle around this Rube Goldberg-like model is as intriguing as it is mesmerizing. With over 3,000 pieces, it does take a good while to build - which makes it a perfect project for keeping kids busy. But such a huge build could prove overwhelming for some kids, so we love how it also works well as a team build: different sections can be assembled independently and at the same time which makes it perfect for sibling fun or for a play date. The set also has excellent re-build value. Having built it once, kids know how totally worthwhile it is to spend all that time building it again. And since its mostly made from standard K'NEX pieces, lost pieces aren't an issue.


Manufacturer Description

Build a classic, nostalgic K'NEX model just like you remember with the 20th Anniversary Big Ball Factory! After 20 years in the K'NEX vault, we are bringing back this classic model to thrill our most loyal fans. Over 3,100 Classic K'NEX pieces complete this gigantic ball machine that stands over 4 feet high! Watch as the 4 balls travel down 4 different paths - which way will the ball go next? Now featuring a motor, just turn the ball machine on and watch it go! Included are easy to follow instructions. You can even download instructions for an incredible Ferris Wheel model. Models can be built one at a time. Requires 2 "AA" batteries, not included. Perfect for advanced builders ages 12+.

Model Number

SKU 52443


  • Build a classic K'NEX model - just like you remember!

  • Stands over 4 feet high!

  • Includes 4 balls with 4 different paths

  • Includes 3,151 pieces plus a motor

  • Perfect for builders ages 12+

  • Requires 2 "AA" batteries, not included