Age: 3 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $189.95

MSRP (USD): $129.95

Production Status: In Stores

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Early Feedback

Another indoor play day with kids going bonkers with restless energy? This handy device fits easily in a standard door frame to create an indoor swing, or climbing rope, ladder, rings or trapeeze so kids to burn off that excess energy and tone a few muscles while they're at it. We are super impressed by the outstanding quality of this set, which absolutely surpassed our expecetations. sturdy and durable, it's easy to feel reassured that it will safely support your child's weight and activity. Love that thre are also fitness activities (sold separately) for adults, too. NOTE: You'll want to pick a dorwayy that;s clear of nearby furniture. We though we might need to remove the door, and while doing so might give even more room to play, the unit works well enough with the door still there - making it extra convenient to install for the afternoon.




It is sturdy, strong, works well and there are many different options to use. I like that it can hold the weight of an adult on the swing. It is like having a jungle gym in your house; it is very fun. The doorways in my house are not very tall, so although it is a good height for chin-ups, the other accessories hang down too low. I would recommend this toy for all ages


Joyce S.

Extremely well made. Every time someone (F15, F17, adults) walked by it, they would hang from it for a minute. While we were too big to use any of the kid accessories except the swing, they looked really fun. It is a solid piece for exercising. Easy to set up and stays in place for a range of different weights of users. My husband has been looking for an exercise bar for the last 6 months and when he saw the Gorilla Gym he was really impressed with the quality. All the components were well made and you could use it for a number of different exercises. It looks great for an adult work out and you can do lots of different exercises. We wanted taller doorways.


Manufacturer Description

The Gorilla Gym Kids Package makes it fast, easy, and affordable to climb and swing in your own home! With Gorilla Gym, it’s easy to bring the fun of the outdoors into your home. Swinging isn’t just a great way to maintain an active lifestyle, it also makes great fun! The Gorilla Gym is a fantastic way for moms and dads to get in awesome shape, but it’s also perfect for kids! The Gorilla Gym Kids package provides all the attachments you’ll need to turn the Core Unit into a full-scale exercise set for little ones. Each Gorilla Gym Kids package includes indoor swing, rings, and rope ladder. The Gorilla Gym Kids Deluxe package includes the core doorway unit plus an indoor swing, rings, ladder, rope, and a trapeze. If you already have a Gorilla Gym core doorway unit, you can just purchase the accessories separately. This unique design installs right in your doorway. Without drilling or hammering, the Gorilla Gym attaches to your door frame like a home pull-up bar. Our patented Vise Grips adjust to fit your door frame and add another level of security. These Vise Grips supports swinging motion, while Gorilla Gym’s cantilevered design distributes the force to the walls around your doorway. The Gorilla Gym can support up to 300 pounds, so your child can safely swing to her heart’s content! Safety Tested and Certified to Relevant ASTM and EN71 Standards. Gorilla Gym provides top notch safety for your loved ones. The Gorilla Gym swings have been tested and certified according to the relevant parts of the ASTM International Standard and EN-71 European standard for home equipment. Gorilla Gym installs in seconds and is just as easy to remove! It’s lightweight, portable, and easy to store. The core is made of strong, lightweight metal that won’t bend or break. The attachments are easily removable and can be replaced with the other attachments quickly! The unit is certified according to ASTM International Standards for home equipment and designed to hold up to 300 pounds, so you can rest assured that the Gorilla Gym is safe and sturdy. Gorilla Gym’s attachments are made with heavy gauge rope to minimize indoor noise. Your children can swing anytime without any noise, hassle, or traveling!


  • Gorilla Gym Kids Package (129.95 USD) includes the Core Unit, Indoor Swing, Rings and Ladder

  • Gorilla Gym Kids Deluxe ($189.95 USD) includes Core doorway unit plus indoor swing, rings, rope, ladder and trapeze


  • Lightweight and portable

  • easily adjusts to your desired hight

  • Assembles in minutes, installs and swaps out attachments in seconds

  • Swing, climb and play in the comfort and safety of your home

  • Professional quality steel frame securely attaches to regular doorframes with trim 25" to 36" wide

  • No drilling, no holes, no damage to your doorway

  • Protective padding on vise grips prevent damage to your dorrway

  • Core Doorway Unit certified for up to 300lbs. Kids attachments certified for up to 200lbs