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Flip: The Tile Turning Teaser


Age: 10 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $24.99

MSRP (USD): $15.99

Production Status: In Stores

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Early Feedback

Ever flipping tiles keeps this puzzle a dynamic challenge. Each tile features a movement/action option on one or both sides. Once that action is used to make a move, the tile is flipped, putting that action out of play until a future move flips it back to reactivate it. And sometimes the flipped tile reveals a new potential movement/action on its reverse side. A great set of puzzles that enhance your mental flexibility to adapt your strategy as new circumstances arise.




I like that this is a one player game, and that sometimes you can flip the pieces and there's another action you can use on the other side.



Flip is a good game because sometimes you use one of the tiles and it, surprisingly, has another action on the other side, which adds a cool element to the game. It's easy to learn and fun and something good to do when you're bored.


Joyce S.

Well made and easy to use. My daughter 15, sat and just continued to work through the different puzzles for over an hour without stopping. She really enjoyed the challenges. It builds your skills nicely and has lots of puzzles at each challenge level. Even if she got stuck on one puzzle, you could skip it and continue on the next and still solve some of the harder ones.

Rebecca Y.

Cool brain teaser. The first few challenges were fairly straightforward but as you start to incorporate tiles which have instructions on both sides, it starts to get a lot more challenging. As much of a challenge for the kids, as it is for the parents! It gets the kids to think in different ways. It was great that the first challenges get you to understand the basics of how the puzzles work and then it slowly advances to more challenging puzzles. We're looking forward to finishing off the puzzles, but they do get very difficult!


Model Number

Item # 8206


  • 60 challenge cards

  • 18 wooden tiles

  • 1 board

  • Rules of play